The Historical and Entertaining Covent Garden

Covent Garden offers a great experience for tourists as it presents a lot of possibilities and exciting things to do. Whether you wish to go out for shopping, try exquisite dishes or experience unique traditions, Covent Garden is ready to leave you with tons of pleasant memories that will last a lifetime.



During the Middle Ages, the square we see today used to be a vegetable field which was known as the Covent Garden, which supplies foods to the monks of St. Peter, Westminster.

In 1540, King Henry VIII seized the land of the monasteries and handed it over to the first Earl of Bedford.

In 1632, the 4th Earl of Bedford authorized the famous architect, Inigo Jones to flourish the land into a luxury neighborhood and build extravagant houses in order to captivate wealthy residents. Due to his Italian Influences, he came up with an arcaded square along with the Church of St. Paul.

However, this high-end community soon began to fall. During the Civil War, a lot of houses were abandoned and replaced by shops. When the Great Fire ruined the market, many businesses transferred to the Covent Garden. Fortunately, business kept up and soon, they have occupied the entire square.

In 1830, a central market building was established. Improvements such as the glass roof and Flower Market were added later on.

Shopping and Entertainment Center

Covent Garden is one of the most popular places in London that attracts a lot of tourists. Often associated with the former vegetable and fruit market, this area is always packed with people especially during weekends and summer season.

Additionally, it is known for its numerous open-air café, pubs, restaurants, market stalls and shops. This place also features a lot of street performers who try to paint a smile on people’s faces on the crowded piazza.

Featured as an entertainment center, Covent Garden houses the Royal Opera House and a number of theaters in this area. The London Transport Museum can also be seen here as it occupies the place where the floral market used to be.

Covent Garden has survived a 360-degree transformation as it is now featured as a shopping and entertainment center and attracts over 30 million tourists every year.

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