Insadong in Seoul, South Korea

Korean man busy painting with his artwork in Insadong

Korean man busy painting with his artwork in Insadong

Insa-dong is one of the highlights and best attractions in Seoul, Korea as it represents the core of the Korean culture, tradition and crafts. Additionaly, this is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods as it is considered as the cultural and artistic hubs in Seoul, Korea.

Shops and business centers in Insa-dong specializes in a wide multitude of products which can only be purchased and appreciated in Korea. Some of the products they carry are Hanbok (traditional clothing), traditional teas and pottery, Hanji (traditional paper) and folk crafts.

Playtime with Koreans in Insadong

Playtime with Koreans in Insadong

History of Insa-dong Street

Insa-dong’s roots were rooted 500 years ago. This area was formerly used as a residence for their government officials.

During the occupation of the Japanese, majority of the rich Korean residents in this area were obligated to move and sell all their belongings; thus, making Insa-dong as a site for trading antiques and traditional Korean items.

Also, this place was considered as a center for arts, painters and craftsmen. Up to this day, shops are still open and business is still rising, making this narrow alley a unique site for folk crafts, pottery and paintings.

This street gives its visitors a great opportunity to experience the Korean culture, tradition and arts. Also, numerous events and festivals are held along this street on a regular basis.

Korean Products and Crafts

A wide variety of traditional Korean products and crafts are sold and offered in Insa-dong. A large number of these products are associated with the Three Kingdom Period.

Ordinary Day at Insadong in Seoul, South Korea

Ordinary Day at Insadong in Seoul, South Korea

Among the selection of products offered in this place, Korean ceramics turn out to be the most popular. This is an expensive item which is sold from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Additionally, restaurants and cafes, tea houses and art galleries can also be found in this area. This is a must-visit place for every tourist who wishes to enjoy the rich culture of Korea.

During weekends, vehicles are prohibited in Insa-dong Street, allowing visitors and locals to shop freely and look around. Also, this street is only a few distances away from tourist destinations such as Gyeongbokgung (Royal Palace) and the Cheonggyechem Stream.

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